It is the perfect moment for meeting the readers to discuss the most important events of the past five days. The recent term from the 17th to the 21st had no shocking revelations, surprising arrests or bans from authorities. Cointelegraph is really happy to conclude that particularly these days provided the required stability, hard work and business activities anticipated by the Bitcoin environment. Once again the editors of our online magazine have evaluated the interest of the auditory to sum up the most important fulfillments to be remembered.

Number 5 – Fished users

There have been reported at least two episodes, when users of the mentioned platform have been determined and seized by the police for money laundering and similar accusations. The two victims or criminals (depends on the point of view) are Michell Abner Espinoza and Pascal Reid, both from Florida. More on their doubtful actions can be found in the recent article. The mostly shocking conclusion to be made is the fact that cryptocurrency users are easily traceable that actually was claimed impossible before.

Number 4 – Gyft supports buyers’ privacy

The already well-known gift card retailer offers a new service for people willing to make purchases anonymously either seeking for opportunities to make payments with Bitcoin. Four easy steps and fully new concept of gift cards allows to shop by many retailers, who are not directly supporting virtual currencies. The simple recommendations on how to use the method are listed in the article of Armand Tanzarian.

Number 3 – Antonopolous providing defense to Bitcoin

Ex-Fed analyst and noted Bitcoin opponent Mark Williams and’s main security guy, Andreas Antonopolous have had a discussion on Bloomberg on Bitcoin and other related topics. The success of defense can be observed in the video populated on the Internet or found in the article of Anthony Wall. A corresponding thread has been launched on Reddit as well.

Number 2 – Indian online store accepts Bitcoin only, webshop from India, launched by Amit Kumar is the first online venue to have a single payment method – Bitcoin. The reasons for this decision are listed in the article of Eugene Runner. The superficial look points out common advantages mentioned by many vendors interested in Bitcoin – anonymity, safety and low transaction fees. However, a closer observation shows several other motives – among them the attempt for originality to promote the platform.

Top leader – Bitcoin sexual revolution

The article on porn and Bitcoin reveals intimate statistics on how often the services are paid in Bitcoin, but also features a discourse on the demeanor of the users. revealed that 10% of payments enter via the Bitcoin processor, but just launched this option. In case You would like to know why this behavior lacks stability, just reread the topical article for a second time!

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