The Coin Telegraph Weekly Review (Feb. 24-28)

The term from the 24th till the 28th has included the last days of winter of 2014. While spring can be determined due to some small traces, a huge amount of Bitcoins has disappeared without leaving any.

This week has seen debacle of Mark Karpeles, helplessness of the erstwhile leading exchange service of the cryptographic environment and the despair of customers unable to retrieve their funds. However, the top includes some other, positive and life-asserting news.

Number 5 – Earn Bitcoins with online gaming

It is not a secret that online games provided earnings to the developers and successive gamers, selling high-level characters and items to other participants. Now the Huntercoin project has developed a 2D game, reminding in graphics and gameplay some strategies and quests from the late 80s, allowing earning cryptocoins performing the routine. The currency is developed on the base of Namecoin, has a humble price, but the market cap is equal to 1 million dollars. See more on the game in the article of Armand Tanzarian.

bitcoin game

Number 4 – Hungary reveals attitude on Bitcoin

The country has added the list of counterparts issuing a statement on the cryptographic currency. The unit is called “risky” and the paper features all traditional accusations and doubts seen in previous documents. The Bitcoin community of Hungary proved to be very active on this occasion, replying that they are happy that the authorities at least recognize and speak on such important matters. Read the details in the recent article.


Number 3 – UAE receives first Bitcoin accepting merchant

The United Arab Emirates is a great example of economic and political stability in the Near East. The well-being and wealth of the citizens does not contribute to the distribution of virtual currencies. Still, the Pizza Guys decided to enter the online finance world and started to accept Bitcoin for their food, becoming the first in the region. Reread the article of Alan Deer on the Bitcoin position in the UAE.

pizza guy

Number 2 – Inattention does not lift accusations from Karpeles

The 28th of February has brought thrilling news that might change the image of the situation around Mt.Gox. No one was ready for such a turnaround hearing on the collapse of the exchange service, but some evidence might deliver the missing proof that the CEO and owner of the company has plainly lost the Bitcoin and now they are stuck in the online abyss with no chance to move forth. Take a look on the inferences to form your own opinion.

mt.gox offline

Top leader – Offline Mt.Gox shakes the Bitcoin environment

It is a matter of fact that this news has landed on the leading position. It had to be browsed more often than anything else. Eric Barrier observes the situation summing up the facts as on the 25th of February and making forecasts that were justified some time later. Return to the article to see conclusions and statements, spiced up with feelings and emotions.

Our team of editors and journalists advises You to move away from the scurry of the working days to collect power for the upcoming week. Take out Your spring cloths from the wardrobe and stay longer out to ventilate the lungs.

The CoinTelegraph wishes You a warm weekend!

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