The term from the 24th till the 28th has included the last days of winter of 2014. While spring can be determined due to some small traces, a huge amount of Bitcoins has disappeared without leaving any.

This week has seen debacle of Mark Karpeles, helplessness of the erstwhile leading exchange service of the cryptographic environment and the despair of customers unable to retrieve their funds. However, the top includes some other, positive and life-asserting news.

Number 5 – Earn Bitcoins with online gaming

It is not a secret that online games provided earnings to the developers and successive gamers, selling high-level characters and items to other participants. Now the Huntercoin project has developed a 2D game, reminding in graphics and gameplay some strategies and quests from the late 80s, allowing earning cryptocoins performing the routine. The currency is developed on the base of Namecoin, has a humble price, but the market cap is equal to 1 million dollars. See more on the game in the article of Armand Tanzarian.

bitcoin game