Time goes fast and it’s time to make another view on the most popular news of the week. Find out more about money transfer, places you can spend you bitcoins and services you can get.

Cointelegraph weekly review is taking You for a little trip back in time from the 12th till 18th of January.

Number 5 – The global power of money transfer

Western Union is the company that has offices in almost any country of the world, its history dates back to the 19th century, when it was a monopolist in exchanging telegrams. The revenue was $5.6 billion in 2012. There is no company providing similar services that might come any close to the American giant. And the industry has its own complications that are pressing on the beginners.

But today we get a new gamer on the field. The virtual currencies are an interesting option for diversification of money transfer. There are no fees, the transactions are really fast, the network is not controlled by any authority or organization and the anonymity allows making donations and giving support.

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Number 4 – So how often do they pay with bitcoins?

Pizza.be, the Belgian site for Takeaway.com is now accepting bitcoin payments but it wasn’t clear how many orders in bitcoins actually they have. A spokeswoman answered on this question and said that “Of the 5,000 orders placed every day at Pizza.be, there are about 100 via Bitcoin”.

Number 3 – Learn with Bitcoin

Educative CoinScrum Bitcoin Business Networking Event Will Shake London. The amount of educative and presentational events in the field of alternative currencies and Bitcoin in general, has increased during the recent times. Conferences, meetups, seminars and workshops featuring experts, activists, entrepreneurs, investors, developers and authorities aim to provide all the mentioned groups with a common language, to give understanding of the matter and to dispel doubts about the basic nature and principles of the cryptographic currencies. Cointelegraph has reported on many events planned for January and February, but mostly in Northern and Southern America. For those, who are going to stay for that time in Europe the CoinSrums’ event is a very interesting opportunity.

Number 2 – Newest Bitcoin Exchange in the Philippines

In order to reach their goal – to make the system easier for the Philippian expats to use to send money home, a group of four coin enthusiasts form different parts of the world has developed and launched a new exchange in Philippines – BuyBitcoin.ph. And here is where Bitcoin comes as a tool to make remittance much cheaper than the standard bank operations.

Top leader – Bitcoin Capable to Satisfy the Primary Needs of Humans

So it is true. And our readers find this question the most important today. The development of the network, establishment of new venues accepting coins, virtual money friendly merchants add to the positive impact of the online payment methods. These premises are enough to ensure food to bitcoiners – fresh, fast, healthy, tasty, different and upon simple request.

If you want to know more how to satisfy the primary needs while having some bitcoins in your wallet read our article.