Happy New Year and welcome back on Cointelegraph. It took a little bit longer then usually but here we are with our review of the most popular articles written specially for you.

The first top 5 of most popular news in the first quarter of January 2014 is based on technological development and innovations. Let us take a closer look!

Number 5 – Stairway to Heaven

It is possible both to make bitcoins and sometimes to lose them. Now there are about 11 million bitcoin circulating in the net and 21 million of bitcoins can ever be produces. The story of James Howells tells that not only one person can lose some of his or her digital money but also that the whole cryptocommunity may irreversibly lose it.

Find out more on “Not All Bitcoins Go to Heaven”.

Number 4 – Cities You Have to Go to in US

If you are living or visiting in the United States and own some bitcoins you might be interested to find out 5 best cities for Bitcoin users in America.

Dave Koppenheffer over that The Motley Fool has put together his list for the top five most Bitcoin-friendly cities in the US and we’ve written a special review for our readers.

For now, this article gains the fouth place in our list of the most popular news of this months beginning.

Number 3 – 37coins

A new Bitcoin service is available now and it needs your support. The Bitcoin wallet platform 37coins.com is positioned as a new and safe way to transfer funds without any unnecessary complications. From now on 37coins to Make Bitcoin Transactions Simpler. It is generally a set of tools now. Moreover, it should bring SMS wallets to any kind of mobile network with no permission from the operators.

A 37coins surely could make your life easier. Take your time to read more about it.

Number 2 – Zynga Games Start the New Level of Development

Zynga Playing Around with Bitcoin is one of the most fantastic news of January. Soon after this information came out bitcoin prices started to rise.

On the 4th of January the Reddit community was informed about new payment option in some of the Zynga games:

“We wanted to share with the r/bitcoin community that Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA) is now conducting a Bitcoin test with BitPay (https://bitpay.com/), a leading Bitcoin service provider, in select Zynga.com web games”.

You’ve probably played a lot of Zynga games like Farmville 2, CityVille, Hidden Shadows, CoasterVille, Hidden Chronicles, ChefVille or CastleVille on Facebook. Probably, soon we will be able to buy extras for these games using bitcoins!

Top leader – Alternative Vending Machines

Could you imagine this – an article about the prototype Bitcoin validator for vending machines becomes the first from the most popular news on Cointelegraph.

Some tinkerers in central Illinois have finally built the thing that we’ve all been thinking about: A Bitcoin acceptor for vending machines. Moreover, while simply called Bitcoin Soda Machine at this stage, this prototype device runs on a Raspberry Pi and can plug & play with a variety of drink machines, arcade games and slot machines.

So Check out this prototype Bitcoin validator for vending machines.

That’s all for now! Stay with Cointelegraph and see what the morning going to bring in the world of digital currency.