The Coin Telegraph Weekly Review (Mar. 3-7)

The shock from Mt.Gox crash and some statements made Mark Karpeles has ceased. The pain from the loss of money has not gone, but it does not bother the users so powerful and painfully. The investigation goes on; enthusiasts on the web push forward new bizarre speculations to understand the reasons behind the obscure self-destruction of the exchange platform. The Bitcoin world cannot stay without movement as it is against its fluent and flexible nature. It once again has been proven by the news of the previous week.

Number 5 – Buffet on Bitcoin
On the 3rd Warren Buffet has spoken on Bitcoin and other financial matters. He foresees that in 10 or 20 the Bitcoin as the embodiment of all cryptographic currencies will not exist. This allowed him to make the conclusion that Bitcoin is not a currency as it is too strongly bond to the US Dollar and its fluctuations. More from Mr. Buffet read in the corresponding article.  

Number 4 – Alpha 7 Trading Academy Listing Bitcoin and Litecoin

Alpha 7 Trading Academy associated with Coinbase as the payments processing company embraced Bitcoin and Litecoin as reported by Ed Gitlin. The platform provides users with training and tuition in trading, and early recognition of cryptocurrencies is a logical move to widen the network of participants. Further other coins might be added to the existing list. Read more and take a look on the courses.

Number 3 – Auroracoin Grows Despite the General Trends

The creator of the Auroracoin Baldur Friggjar Odinsson can be proud – soon the currency will be fully released as it is pre-mined by 50% and play an important part in the economy of Iceland. While the attention was focused on Mt.Gox and Bitcoin, the coin has gained points and is ranked three among all similar virtual alternative assets. For more numbers and the perspectives drawn by the developer reread the article from Anthony Wall.

Number 2 – New Bitcoin Exchange to Be Launched

The SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert being knowledgeable of the situation on the market of trading and exchange is planning to launch a new platform in summer. The required funds will be taken from another pocket of Silbert – his own Bitcoin Investment Trust. For details visit the complete article from Alexander Black.

Top leader – Mt.Gox Seeking for Protection

Although, the Bitcoin society provided other news, Mt.Gox still is in the light of the soffits. This week the owner Mark Karpeles assisted by a team of advocates asked for apologies and protection. The company has filed for bankruptcy and the status might change the process of the return of the money. Take note of the summarizing text.

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