The Coin Telegraph Weekly Review March 15-22nd

Another week has been left behind and we are representing you new weekly review of the most popular news of the week on The Coin Telegraph. The most uninspected statements and political changes, technological development and amazing reports from social life that is hard to forget are here.


Number 5 – Quite Helpless without Android

Today more often people of different age chose multifunctional smartphones instead of mobile phones with basic telecommunication futures. Moreover, “many businesses and everyday activities are done not just online in front of desktop computers, but mostly in motion and on the run”, reminds the author of TOP-7 Bitcoin-Related Applications for Google Android OS article Sascha Carroll.

Modern life seems to become a bit difficult without some of Android Apps. We have selected a top of Bitcoin-related applications that would come in handy for bitcoin users. You haven’t read it yet? So, hurry up and find out more.


Number 4 - New Standard of Fairness in the Cryptographic World

The group of developers behind the Counterparty protocol is going to restore the basic principles and to clean the dignified name of digital economy! Their rules predefined and cannot be changed. They say it is not a company to gain profit or receive investments.

Nevertheless, one of the plans regarding the Counterparty protocol is to create the LTBCoin that is not going to be mined, but be a user created virtual currency.


Number 3 –

BitLegal promises to be “the easiest way to explore the evolving regulatory landscape of virtual currency around the world”.

Indeed, we have referenced the site in more than a few articles here, and we use it as a primary resource for legal questions at the country level. And probably that is why our readers also have chosen an article “Why you should bookmark” to gain the third place in our top five weekly news.


Number 2 – The Question of Sanctions

Today the whole world is watching as the crisis in Ukraine is played out. Most of the Western countries are slowly isolating Russia and impose new sanctions. As far, Russia instead of using cryptocurrencies as a backup plan takes another decision. How could it affect the world of cryptocurrency? Find out more by reading “Sanctioning by US and EU do not change Russia’s determination to wipe out Bitcoin


Top Leader – CEBE 2014

The planned Central European Bitcoin Expo of 2014 is coming soon enough. It will be open for visitors from the 31st of May and till 1st of June right in the heart of whole European continent – Austria Central Vienna.

The Coin Telegraph journalists work hard to bring you the latest information about this major event –lists of speakers, registration details and ticket prices. Also, we bring you comments from the main event manager of CEBE – Andrej Sebesta.

Stay with The Coin Telegraph to get more details coming soon!


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