Selling insecure devices can get you in trouble with regulators.

According to my colleague Tim Lee, this is the first time when such agreement is considerable because the security of consumer having the Internet access is a subject of an FTC enforcement operation. This settlement can create such conditions to involve any Internet things in the future.

Microsoft awarded $14.5 million in Motorola patent licensing suit. Motorolla has necessity to pay Microsoft for licensing patents million of damages at prohibitive speed. Motorolla was searching for 4 milliards in annual royalties to order to purchase patterns which relate to HD video and wireless technologies. While Microsoft enjoys the victory and participating in the management and controlling of all processes, the Seattle award of jury is only 50% of everything that the country has asked for.

President Obama raises possibility of new legislation to curb NSA powers. Giving an interview to the reporters of “Wednesday” newspaper, President Obama pointed on “legitimate questions” connected with National Security Agency's surveillance activity and referenced to returning a legislative effort back in order to restrict some programs. The Guardian reports told that the President was rather careful in his speech about content and he avoided the topic about metadata, especially the timing, length, geographical location and other information linked to the phone calls, emails and another private information which is discussed every day all around the world.

Court orders retrial in Google Maps-related murder case. A North Carolina appeals court disposed a retrial for Cisco employee who ostensibly strangled his wife and after this accident he used Google Maps for searching the proper place for hiding the murdered woman. The advocate of Mister Cooper, Howard Kurtz, made an inquiry to Jay Ward who was the network computer security expert and established the fact that the Google Maps program was installed on the personal computer of defendant long after this accident. Thanks to this expertise, the appeals court reversed the decision of the judge and acquitted the man.

Mapping the Bitcoin economy could reveal users' identities.

Majority of people suggest that Bitcoin is a completely anonymous program and the transactions and the clients using the Bitcoin are never been tracked. But, according to the new researchers of California University in San-Diego, the only shadowing of the transactions of Bitcoin provides an enormous help to law enforcement. In accordance with MIT Technology Review, this agency can follow the bitcoin flows from illegitimate transactions to the bitcoin exchange and consequently convene the company o the judge. Conforming to the team researcher, there is only a beginning of mapping of the greatest Bitcoin economy by the UCSD team, however the considerable and important relationship pattern become much clear.