Going to the theater just got a little more exciting in the Lone Star State.

Austin-based production company Weird Rodeo has announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments for its production of True West, the Austin Business Journal reports.

The show opens January 9, and tickets are about .02 BTC.

The show’s producer, Chris Hejl, told the Business Journal that the move was more for the sake of publicity than anything else. Hejl described Bitcoin as “kind of a cult phenomenon.”

Local ticket vendor BuyPlayTix will handle the ticketing. According to BuyPlayTix’s Twitter account, they added Bitcoin payment processing on December 30 via Coinbase.

“I’m glad that this may turn out to be a lasting thing that we did just because it seemed like a fun, very Austin thing to try,” Hejl said. (Relevant note: the unofficial motto of the city is “Keep Austin Weird.”)

“Since we’re a new company, I thought about recognizing the first ticket buyer at our first show, but maybe we’ll do something for the first Bitcoin buyer, too.”

For anyone in or around Austin who is thinking of checking out True West, here is the synopsis:

“True West is a dark comedy about two adult brothers staying at their mother’s empty house. The younger is a straight-laced, productive member of society trying to strike it rich selling a screenplay. His older brother, a drifter with savage charisma, arrives in the middle of the night and the two spiral into competition with each other.”

For full details of the production, check out Weird Rodeo’s website.