NFTs boom might be over, but the unique digital assets are not going anywhere.

According to a recent Fortune report, non-fungible token platforms, along with DeFi, are now venture capitalists’ favorites.

VC tycoon Andreessen Horowitz, for instance, recognizes that “that crypto is more of an architecture and operating system, and that all kinds of products and services can be built on top of" it. The company also invested in the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, which is a very vivid sign for the NFT community.

But even if you’re not an artist or a musician, you can still make a living with NFTs.

Gaming as the next NFTs direction

Gaming has become one of the directions that integrate digital collectibles. And for a good reason –– it incentivizes players and helps them make money.

One of the companies that focus not only on gaming experience but making sure players earn money is IOI.

It is already a leading gaming platform in Central Europe with over 50 employees, 65,000 players, and ambitious plans for expansion. IOI has several products available for their users, including Trade Race Manager and IOI wallet.

Last month alone, the game saw the number of racing games played as much as 480 000 times, the number of sessions on the site went up to 310 000, and the Trace Race Manager page reached 3 150 000 views.

The main product, the play-to-earn model Trade Race Manager, is a game where users educate themselves about the crypto world. IOI has several products available to their users, including Trade Race Manager and IOI wallet.

More insights from IOI

NFT assets are interoperable on various blockchains. Players are free to use them for different purposes or trade them on open markets such as Binance NFT Market, Venly, and OpenSea.

The advantage is the on-chain staking paid daily directly to the Trade Race Manager in the form of an NFT car or avatar. They can further be used for everyday racing in various races and tournaments. In addition to staking rewards, players can earn cars’ value back during a game session; one NFT, for instance, can bring around 25 IOI tokens.

IOI wallet is a wallet integrated into the game where IOI tokens are stored. Users might also stake their tokens to earn money, depending on the number of coins they hold.

“IOI helps people from areas where Covid-19 made it difficult to sustain their social status to earn IOI Token only with their mobile phone and make life a little easier,” shared IOI CEO Rastislav Bakala.

Trade Race Manager, as well as Axie Infinity, currently has more than 60% of users from the Philippines -- a vivid example of how a country could benefit from platforms like Trade Race Manager and earn income.

Racing to the future

The platform is also launching a Tesla NFT competition -- a unique premium subscription game, where users will be playing with Tesla NFTs and could get a real vehicle for the win. The player who gets the most wins throughout the tournament will receive a real vehicle.

IOI is already backed by prominent investors and listed on KuCoin, Gate, and different decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Pancake. The company also partnered with companies like Polygon, Kucoin labs, OKEx ventures, and Daomaker.

The platform is planning to expand to other countries such as Brazil and Russia, where a big community of players is already interested in making money from Blockchain games.

IOI plans to launch more products, including CyberTrade game and on-chain marketplace where players will be able to buy assets in pre-sale.

CyberTrade is a game based on 3D Unity models, including the ability to increase the value of assets based on the time spent playing the game. The players will also be able to acquire assets during the pre-sale ahead of the marketplace launch.

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