Bitcoin has the potential to save retailers serious money by axing transaction costs, and TigerDirect is paying that forward with a Bitcoin promo this month.

Between Feb. 19 and 26, anyone who shops on TigerDirect and uses Bitcoin to pay for purchases worth at least $100 will get a $20 discount. This is a part of the larger PC Parts Week promotions, which is sponsored by a number of companies, including Intel, AMD, SanDisk, Kingston, PNY and TRENDnet.

TigerDirect began accepting Bitcoin payments in January and has already made a splash in the cryptocurrency retail market. The company’s biggest sellers among Bitcoin buyers has been graphics cards (presumably for altcoin mining), power supplies and tablets.

Here are a couple of more terms to the discount:

First, you will need to use a digital wallet to make the payment (which is more or less assumed if you are paying with Bitcoin online, but it’s worth mentioning for clarity).

Second, the discount is limited to one customer each, so no double-dipping with an order later in the week. The discount will be applied at checkout.

If you have access to TigerDirect (reports from across the globe suggests the retailer limits access in certain countries), you can start shopping at