The travel industry is still growing at an unprecedented pace, now making up the second-fastest-growing industry. Success in this industry is defined by user comfort and the ability to participate in experiences in a cost-effective manner. Unfortunately, the industry still faces a few barriers before it is able to address all consumer concerns.

As it currently stands, the industry itself is broken out into flights, car rentals, hotels and tours, among other factors, each of which may be plagued with large commissions and additional fees, a long chain of intermediaries, bad reviews, overbooking and other human errors that affect the end-user experience.

For this reason, the blockchain is often looked to as a solution to modernize and accelerate the traditional travel experience. Due to its decentralized nature, intermediaries are reduced, and travelers and service providers are equipped to work together more seamlessly. The primary concern today is how this bridge between these two worlds will operate in practice.

Travel Care is bringing a solution to this use case as a travel tokenization platform and gateway from the cryptocurrency economy into tourism. They will be well-positioned to improve the consumer experience with advantages, including deals on travel and cashback services to help fund future trips. 

As their team shares, this is in addition to Travel Care,

“reduc[ing] costs and intermediary fees thanks to blockchain technology, giv[ing]  a better user experience through fast transactions, free of international commissions, transparency and expertise of the core team in the travel industry.”

Travel Care now includes over 500,000 hotels, 600 airlines and a growing number of car reservation and experience services.

Discovering a new world

When users book trips through the Travel Care website, they are rewarded with the platform’s utility token, Travel. Then, as users begin planning more trips, they will become eligible for an 8% discount paid out as an investment reward that users have received as a gift.

These tokens can then be redeemed for fiat currency as a cashback method or held for passive revenue, which is distributed from the 1% set aside from all profits of travel sales incurred. Even holding a single token makes users a shareholder and eligible for travel benefits.

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The platform’s tokens are further implemented in a way that ensures that they gain value due to the platform’s guarantee to allocate 50% of their revenue towards their repurchase at the market price. After they are purchased, the team will be burning them to ensure quantity increases in scarcity and the token price increases in proportion. As the team shares, this makes Travel Care “a real use case Token that will change the future of travel” on a “rebellious act against the current centralized financial system.”

In addition to providing a long-term investment opportunity, Travel Care also addresses common user experience concerns, including the vast number of redirects and registrations a user might undergo when booking a single trip. Furthermore, payments are accelerated and occur with less complexity due to their blockchain backing.

A roadmap the world is waiting for

Travel Care has reported success over the last year in creating a platform and associated tokens that can compete with some of the most known platforms globally. Their online community now contains more than 13,000 holders, 17,000 travelers on Instagram and 19,000 on Twitter, with an additional 20,000 support group members on Telegram.

To ensure platform users are still getting the best benefits, Travel Care is announcing commercial agreements with large companies from the tourism sector to leverage additional strategic advantages. By doing so, the team remains confident that they can continue offering the greatest satisfaction to their holders, provide one-of-a-kind travel experiences and accept Travel tokens on their services.

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