Ever slowly driven through—but not completely stopped at—an empty intersection?

How about walked across the street outside the lines of a cross walk?

Or did you ever pay a babysitter, yard raker, or house cleaner without handing them tax paperwork along with the cash?

If so, then you already know just some of the benefits of outlawry!

If Encryption Is Outlawed . . .

. . . Then only outlaws will use encryption. Could this be your chance to further your already existing status as an outlaw? (Nearly everyone is one to some extent, as violating legislation is practically unavoidable.)

If encryption is outlawed, and you choose to enhance your outlawry status by continuing to use it, here are the top five perks that await you:

5. You will maintain the ability to send and receive truly private messages. Studies have shown that when individuals suspect that their communication is being viewed, they restrain their expression. This hampering of self-expression damages relationships and retards the evolution of ideas.

4. You will be able to securely exercise the many decentralized financial instruments developed on top of cryptocurrency: smart property management, auto-paying stocks and shares, prediction markets, peer-to-peer loans, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), smart contracts and more.

3. You will be able to send identity-less payments for goods and services. This will keep your financial records and business strategies private, thereby preserving your dignity and competitive advantages.

2. You will utilize mathematics to declare your sovereignty and safeguard your freedom to speak.

1. “Outlaw” is the new “pirate.”

Outlaw Clubs Are Meeting in Your Town Now

You don't have to look far to meet other outlaws-in-the-making. They're meeting regularly at coffee shops, bars, and homes all across the world. Some are called Bitcoin meetups, some are called Ethereum meetups, and still more regard other decentralized technologies like 3D printers or personal unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Because outlawing with friends is more fun (and profitable) than outlawing alone!

What other perks are there to being a crypto outlaw?

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