Blockchain technology is literally cropping up everywhere. A recent report indicated that a majority of companies are seeking to implement some sort of Blockchain tech into their systems.

A recent and somewhat surprising development is that Blockchain issues are now starting to take over the waves of the television industry in Italy.

This week the main Italian channel, Rai Uno, debuted a new show dedicated to Blockchain named #Codice. The show aired for an hour starting at 11:30 p.m. Nearly 10 percent of total viewers watched the show, and the hashtag reached #1 for most popular Italian hashtags on Twitter.

Making things simple

The show was dedicated to interviewing leading Italian Blockchain specialists and seeking to explain the power of Blockchain technology for different industries. The goal was to raise public awareness and education about the up and coming field.

The journalist used simple language to analyze the mechanisms behind these complex technological innovations.

This represents another point in the line of growing awareness and acceptance of Blockchain technology. Italian audience has shown its appetite for taking part in an ever-expanding digitalization.