The companies accepting Bitcoin for products and services are emerging with an unseen before tempo. Price wavering, official accusations of speculative nature, warnings issued by governments and financial institutions are weak in comparison to the power of development of the virtual coin. Many Bitcoin entrepreneurs, IT and idea developers, activists and supporters describe the movement of the digital currencies as unstoppable and undeniable - the fact that the coin is going to climb on the same level as the world’s leading fiat currencies becomes undoubted. The main consideration is how long will it take.

Another pioneer from a branch that has never been seen on the CoinMap before enters the scene. The Philadelphia Brewing Company (PBC) is accepting Bitcoin for all possible goods and services produced – from the drinks to merchandise. The decision of the brewery is recent, but has a perfect timing – it is the first in USA and possibly the first in the world, as no other official revelation has been present. The newly introduced payment method is offered to both retail and wholesale customers. The company has made the decision due to the basic advantages of the virtual coin – no fees and interactions with banks, privacy, and high speed of processing of transactions.

The variety of offers for a simple customer is very excessive – the visit to the production site and a very nice excursion finish at the Kensington tasting room; casks, bottles and other capacities are available at the local shop; t-shirts, openers, magnets and other souvenirs will be a small, but pleasant addition to the great mood. The features are even extended by bars, offering beer and cider from the PBC – order a glass of Your favorite drink, scan a QR-code provided by the barkeeper and make an instant payment with the digital coins.

There is a special offer for those, who plan to visit Philadelphia in the closest time. On the 1st of February is planned a hosting event at the brewery. The happening is planned and organized by the meetup group BitcoinPHL. Of course, it will feature enjoying of exquisite beer, slowly intelligent conversations on Bitcoin and brewing, and a good portion of relaxation. Hurry, but not too much, to sign up.