What started out as “a few Bitcoin enthusiasts” mining coins with better hardware in October 2013 has since grown into the UK’s largest dedicated mining facility. 

Now, those enthusiasts’ company, Group Bitcoin, is introducing cloud mining and colocation services. 

Group Bitcoin representatives are enthusiastic to show off his company’s capabilities. 

“Our mine has over 252 u's of rack space with a bespoke economic, powerful cooling system using the cooler night air to reduce AC usage,” representatives said in a statement. “High power density cabinets that are supplied with a massive 96 amps at 230 v per cabinet that can run in total up to 300 TH/s using over 180 large homes’ worth of electricity.” 

Bitcoin cloud mining contracts start at just less than US$3 for 1 GH/s. Prices for pre-ordered contracts and Scrypt mining are also available on the website. 

Those in the UK who want to do their own on-site mining can colocate with Group Bitcoin, too. The company promises strict safety features such as alarms and an airlock, plus custom cooling systems. 

More information is available at the Group Bitcoin website.