We have had a few stories this week detailing how you can use your Bitcoins to get you airborne. Here’s one more to add to that list.

The North London Flying School began accepting Bitcoin payments back in November but has yet to find any students willing to pay in the digital currency.

“Given the rapid rise of bitcoin as an alternative currency we thought it might be a good idea to trial payments using the new currency,” the school’s website reads.

“Some of our flight experience vouchers now have the ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ button … and if you want to pay for your flight, fuel or other products using bitcoin then just ask and we will try to make it happen!”

The school will process any Bitcoin transactions by using Coinbase. Prospective students can get pilot lessons or just go for a ride-along in a stunt plane. At the time of writing, 20 minutes of aerial acrobatics can be had for 0.37 BTC.

Bitcoin users on the continent can also book flight time with Pilot Club near Bratislava, Slovakia. Flights along the Danube or over some of Central Europe’s castles can be paid for with the cryptocurrency.