Bitcоin Fоundаtiоn Ukraine supervisory board member Yuriy Kostiv is running for the deputy's seat at the Kiev Council of Deputies on October 25, 2015 and is looking to bring its principles of decentralized management to Ukraine’s capital.

Deputy candidates from the "Samopomich" party are expected to administrate Kiev with a team of 80 people, even if a few of them will get an official deputy seat or mandate. Thus, this new management model will work even if the front-line players of the party will not get a seat in the Kiev Council, one of the party's leaders Sergiy Gusovsky stated to Kiev newspaper "Komsomolska Pravda" on October 16.

Sergiy Gusovsky, Samopomich

Why do we talk about a decentralized model?

According to the leader of the "Samopomich" their best practices should be implemented, regardless of how many candidates will pass to the Kyiv Council after the elections. Those who will not receive mandates should be ready to back up the party’s forefront:

"This was one of the key criteria for the picking of candidates: people must understand that life does not end with elections, gains or losses. We asked the question directly: what if you won't pass? There must be a willingness to work for the sake of the future, not for the mandate.”

The 80 members of the "Samopomich" party are trying to ensure the functioning of the system by emulating the work of the governmental body they are elected to. All the party members are working out the scheme of team interaction as well as other schemes to fulfill their plans. This model can be effective even if a few members will pass to the Council. Just a part of the team at the Council will be sufficient to launch any initiative.

Experts of remote and decentralized management in the core of "Samopomich" part

Some of the key figures in the party are the members of IT community. They know how to arrange a remote and decentralized management and government system. Yuriy Kostiv is the supervisory board member of the Bitcоin Foundation Ukraine. He also is a co-owner of IT-companies DeviQ, Qоderооm and BаnQ, which are engaged in computer systems development for banks, online payments and consumer sector. Earlier Mr. Kostiv was an IT-director of Alpha Bank.

A vice-president of multidisciplinary IT-holding МТІ Serhiy Bashlakov is also going to run for Kyiv Council. Besides, let's not forget about Anton Melnyk, the Chief Development Officer of NextClick in central and Eastern Europe.