The US Navy’s Innovation department recently announced its interest in using Blockchain technology for their manufacturing systems.

In the announcement, they specifically mentioned their interest to add Blockchain technology to their 3D printing in order to help securely transfer data through the manufacturing process.

US Navy plans to use Blockchain technology

According to Cryptologic Warfare Officer & Lieutenant Jonathan McCarter, the Naval Innovation Advisory Council will spearhead the testing of the Blockchain technology integration into their system. They will be doing pilot tests and experiments on proof of concepts, data sharing, and securing digital designs throughout the Navy’s network of information. They also plan on creating a data sharing layer among the 3D printing sites using Blockchain technology.

Blockchain being used in government

This is just the start of the spread of Blockchain technology in the US government. It is slowly being accepted by the public, so it is not a surprise that the government is slowing integrating it in their operations.

In fact, there are already a few government sectors that have taken an interest in Blockchain technology. Last May, Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate awarded a total sum of $9.7 mln to several small business for technology research on Blockchain usage. Also, the US government is now seeking Blockchain technology solutions for contract bidding