Today, another Subway shop, in Allentown, Pennslyvania in the US joined bitcoin friendly merchandises. As its partner in Russia, Allentowns Subway a 10% discount to bitcoin customers.

The first posts about this offer appeared on 8th November on a photo in Internet, but nobody was sure is it actually true. And only on 10th November a post and a video proof of a purchase via bitcoin accrued on However there were not so many bitcoin transactions on Subway bitcoin address till 12th November when the number of transactions reached 11 and about 0.018 BTC.

As Subway sandwich shops in Moscow this one is run as franchises. Most probably the decision to accept bitcoin and offer a special discount was taken by the local owner. But still these are especially positive sign that local merchandises become aware of bitcoin and true to improve their business with digital currency help. It also increases bitcoin popularity. May be soon we all will be able to buy everyday coffee in a shop by the corner with bitcoins.