Web 3.0 presents a new future for the internet, giving the world access to the decentralized version of the virtual world. With blockchain technology, this web evolution will provide a more user-centric environment, thereby eliminating the power currently held by corporations. By giving the control back to those engaging in online interactions, data monetization will be minimized, personal details will be protected, and trust will begin to replenish. 

Conceptually, Ethereum (ETH) was designed to solve these concerns. Unfortunately, in practice, the platform has become subject to expensive and overly-sluggish transactions. Although Ethereum may not have the right capabilities at present, many believe there remains a clear path towards a decentralized internet. The only thing is, this one begins with parachain auctions on Kusama (KSM). 

Polkadot (DOT) has continued to conduct ongoing parachain auctions, tested on Kusama, that will connect different blockchains, fulfilling one of the core principles of Web 3.0. Cross-network bridges further ensure that parachains can connect to external networks, making them original in design and capable enough to adapt to specific use cases. Investment firms with capital provisions are crucial to further define these use cases. And with more investment comes a greater basis for usable products, which, in turn, spurs on greater opportunities.

The global investment firm DFG has made it their mission to empower blockchain and Web 3.0 companies. Since James Wo's founding in 2015, DFG has grown over 4,000% to over $1 billion in AUM to date. Most recently, DFG has become a leading and active member in the Polkadot ecosystem, including partnerships with projects like Ternoa, Bit.Country, Astar, Acala Network and Efinity.

Providing unrivaled support

DFG is currently one of the few VC firms that have established a Polkadot Ecosystem Fund to ensure unrivaled support for the growth of the protocol and allocation of over 2 million DOT to crowd loan efforts for portfolio companies. DFG is now recognized as a contributor to six out of eleven of the previous winners, with plans to allocate an additional DOT in future auctions. 

The platform’s targeted attention to Polkadot as an emerging protocol is further brought to light by James Wo, CEO and co-founder of DFG. "Now is the time to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0, which will necessarily be propped up by the unparalleled advantages of blockchain,” he states. “DFG has been deeply committed to its development through our unrivaled support for Polkadot and other protocol ecosystems, and we're genuinely excited to see how they develop and transform every major industry in the coming years."

The company is excited to showcase their commitment to the growth of the industry with such investments as LedgerX, Circle, Coinlist, Amber Group, FV Bank, Chainsafe and Bloq.

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DFG continues to remain blockchain agnostic, covering various protocols within infrastructure, centralized finance (CeFi), decentralized finance (DeFi), cloud applications, data, privacy and DAOs. DFG remains a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, with their CEO serving as an executive committee member, chairman and founder of the Abu Dhabi-based exchange Matrix.

Promoting healthy industry growth

The team has demonstrated a remarkable track record regarding funding, with participation in more than 60 rounds from different ecosystems in the last year. These efforts have expanded the Polkadot Ecosystem Fund from $20 million to $50 million while also allocating over 2 million DOT to Polkadot’s parachain auctions. Progress has been effectively communicated by the DFG CEO, who has been featured on Cointelegraph, Cryptoslate, Business Insider, Coindesk and Crowdfund Insider.

For 2022, DFG will continue to hone in on its mission of empowering the future of blockchain and Web 3.0. Through continued partnerships, capital allocation, business consulting and large worldwide events, the global investment firm is ramping-up efforts to educate new members in the industry and share insights from the VC perspective. The company intends to promote the industry's healthy growth through developing disruptive solutions and new technological concepts that will shift paradigms.

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