Voting is now open on BlockShow’s poll for the leading women and companies in the blockchain space, ahead of the BlockShow Europe 2018 conference, which takes place in Berlin on May 28-29. The polls will be conducted using blockchain-based app Polys, an online voting tool that leverages the security, anonymity and transparency of the technology.

BlockShow supporters worldwide can vote for those women and companies they feel are making the biggest impact on the European blockchain sphere, whether in terms of new ideas, infrastructure and tool creation, or business acumen.

BlockShow has shortlisted influential women in the EU blockchain space who have been proactive in propelling the technology forward, whether independently or in collaboration with other industry leaders. Voters can extend the nomination list with their own candidates.

The short list for EU-registered blockchain companies has been selected based on their market capitalization, expert reviews, and social media activity, but voters can nominate their their own EU-based company, as above.

Voting is open to everybody and winners will be announced during the conference. To see the complete list of nominees and place your vote, visit BlockShow’s rating page.

BlockShow 2018 will gather more than 3,000 attendees and over 150 projects, as well as over 80 internationally recognized speakers and experts from banks, institutions and diverse global industries.

The conference will offer insights into the major disruptive potential of new blockchain ventures in areas such as IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, and many others. Central Bank and EU government representatives will also be attending to share their experiences of implementing the technology in their fields.