Searching for a place to buy or sell music tracks for digital currency? Not a problem. Waffle Dog Radio is a revolutionary service that aims to help both music artists and music fans.

Here, artists can sign up to start making money from their music. Then listeners can buy songs and be confident that the majority of the sales will go to support your favorite artist instead of their giant record label. 


The service is new but has already set some ambitious goals. It already includes band reviews in their Rock Blog Section that will be expanded as more singers and musicians sign up. More importantly, when adding a song to the Waffle Dog Radio, the artist retains all the rights/licensing to the music they submit to the site. But if you happen to be short on bitcoins at the moment, the new platform also has a free music section as well.

Cointelegraph was able to get in touch with Waffle Dog Radio representatives who commented on the reasoning behind starting the new service:

“We decided to start Waffle Dog Radio because there weren’t any websites that really offered musicians a platform to utilize Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a very powerful tool that musicians should use to help finance their projects. There are so many ways to utilize Bitcoin, it’s surprising that more bands aren’t using it.”

Developers of Waffle Dog Radio saw an opportunity and innovation in digital currency and decided to use this payment mode as the foundation for the new service. “There is so much to like about the whole idea of Bitcoin and digital currencies. Digital currencies are decentralized and easily transferable,” said one of the representatives. “Everyone nowadays carries a smartphone - why not utilize that to transfer money?” He also added:

“The more we learn about Bitcoin, the more we were able to see the opportunities that musicians have to capitalize on.  It really gives musicians a chance to finance their projects and it is our goal to help provide bands with these tools and opportunities.”

Each band is only charged a 9% fee for selling music on Waffle Dog Radio compared to the Apple’s 30% for example, although, musicians must first pay US$10 to add a song to the list. 

And, if a musician provides the QR code to their digital wallets - listeners and fans can donate directly, so developers ask only to consider donating a portion back to Waffle Dog Radio. 

Waffle Dog Radio is a project with big plans for future. “First off we would like to create a streaming radio station that would allow listeners to easily and quickly donate to bands that they are interested in,” they said. “This would also work in an app form that allows people to listen on their smart phones. If they hear a song they like they can make a small donation to that band.”

Waffle Dog is also working on streamlining the site to make it more user-friendly by offering quick pay (and donation) buttons. The platform will also be more interactive in the future so listeners and artists can share opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

At the moment Waffle Dog Radio accepts Bitcoin but they are also planning start accepting other digitals currencies including Litecoin, Dogecoin, and whatever else coin the users will favor.

The Waffle Dog developers concluded:

“Bitcoin and crypto-currencies could be as revolutionary for the music industry as creation of the mp3 was. The musicians, record labels, and even businesses that embrace this technology will be much better situated for the future. Currency, technology and business never move backwards; those that accept and adapt to change will be the ones who will be in a better position to be successful and free.”

With more people realizing Bitcoin’s true potential for disintemediation and true P2P commerce it is on a fast track to becoming the currency of the future. Moreover, it is already proven to be a successful payment method for such Grammy-nominated artists as 50 Cent and metal group Mastadon. Indeed, as digital currency popularity is increasing, some musicians are even writing songs related to digital currency.

Undoubtedly, iTunes and mp3’s changed the way we look and buy music. Now, new technological opportunities compliments of the blockchain can usher in yet another upheaval in the music world with new services such as Waffle Dog Radio that can give independent music artists more money for their music while retaining an artist’s song rights, and, more importantly, allow them greater freedom.

So if you have a song you want to share for Bitcoin, go to Waffle Dog Radio.

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