Weekend Roundup: BitPay Starts Offering Free Service, Wikipedia accepts BTC donations, and Russia heading towards a Bitcoin Ban

1. NXT Decentralized Exchange Launches With BTC and LTC

Ian DeMartino reported Tuesday that NXT’s exchange, Multigateway, had launched.

“Unlike Ripple's Asset Exchange that essentially relies on IOUs, the Multigateway works by requiring each coin issued is backed up by an actual version of that coin. This means that if you buy bitcoins from someone on Multigateway, those bitcoins are held in a multisig wallet controlled by multiple servers.”

2. The Russian Ministry of Finance one step closer to banning Bitcoin

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Finance stated that it wants to ban Bitcoin transactions. It proposes to limit not only the ‘substitutes’ of money, but also transactions with them, including their use as payment for goods and services.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance proposes administrative and criminal punishment for the issue of money substitutes and transactions with their use. Also, the institution plans to restrict access to information sources, which produce Bitcoin and carry operations with their use, with the establishment of appropriate administrative sanctions, reports "Interfax."

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