Weekend Roundup: Coinbase’s Exchange, Cointerra Bankrupt, and Chinese Exchange Has 1,000 BTC Stolen

1. Coinbase’s Licensed Exchange Sends Price Rocketing, But At What Cost?

On Monday, William Suberg reported on Coinbase’s regulated US-based exchange, an announcement which the company had spent 24 hours teasing and building up to.

“The exchange ‘will offer greater security for individuals and institutions to trade bitcoin,’ the Coinbase team stated, ‘and monitor real-time pricing of the cryptocurrency.’

“The benefits of the new status of Coinbase’s exchange are anticipated by the company to bring the attention from the establishment seen by many as key to gaining greater acceptance from the mass populace.”

2. Cointerra Files for Bankruptcy With Up to 999 Creditors Owed

On Thursday, Charlie Richards confirmed what had been rumored for a month now: Cointerra was in trouble.

“Mining computer designer and cloud mining operation Cointerra files for bankruptcy, leaving debts up to 50 million USD and potentially 999 creditors unpaid. The Bitcoin mining sector is now in dire straits due to the raising operating costs of mining combined with the recent price drop.”

3. Chinese Exchange Gets 'Goxed' for 1,000 Bitcoins, Company Responds

On Wednesday, William Suberg reported that Chinese exchange 796 had a thousand bitcoins stolen, and the company offered its own take on what happened.

“We have been constantly monitoring the hacking activities on our servers and 3 month