Weekend Roundup: Visa Warms to Bitcoin, Xapo Promises Reimbursement, and 3 Big Governments Speak About Regulation

1. ‘Visa Is Not a Currency. It’s a Network’

Sound familiar? On Monday, Diana Ngo reported on Visa’s stance that cryptocurrencies were not being seen by the company as competitors but something that Visa’s payments network could facilitate.

“Visa CEO Charles Scharf admitted to looking for a way to make payments frictionless as well as developing technologies that would enable easier and faster payments of its users. ‘Payment works best when it is a non-event, it works, it's fast and nothing goes wrong.’”

2. Xapo Addresses Fees, Says It Will Offer Reimbursements

On Thursday, Bogdan Ulm reported that Xapo had issued a statement regarding their fees, which had become a source of controversy among would-be users.

“‘We do not, however, intend to charge monthly fees or fees for everyday spending,’ the company’s statement read. ‘If our users are charged a monthly service fee, Xapo will reimburse that amount in bitcoins. So, if you use the Xapo Debit Card and are charged a monthly service fee by our third party provider, we will directly reimburse your Xapo Wallet.’”