In the spirit of lovebirds who like Valentine’s Day, and those who don’t, ChangeTip, Newegg and BitPay have announced a Valentine’s Day contest.

The contest is simple: they want to know why you’re single.

Or, if you’re taken, what habit or occurrence should have kept you single, but you and your partner stay together in spite of it?

Do you wear toe shoes? Or perhaps only stretchy pants? Or maybe you don your onesie just a little too often? Do you have a different habit that your partner finds cute, but slightly annoying?

Victoria van Eyk from ChangeTip says, “We troll ourselves in our promotional video,” and they encourage you to do the same to have some fun this Valentine’s Day. They’ve teamed up with Newegg to offer some fun prizes. Newegg and BitPay will also weigh in on their favorite answer to be awarded the grand prize.

The contest rules are as follows. To be eligible for the grand prize, follow these steps:

  1. Tell ChangeTip the reason you’re single—in text, a picture or a video—or why you think you should be;
  2. Include the hashtag #whyimsingle;
  3. Include @changetip in your tweet, or post your entry to your wall on Facebook. Make your entry easy to find, so they know you’ve entered.

ChangeTip will announce the top answers and winners on Sunday, February 15 at noon PST.

The grand prize winner will receive 1 bitcoin (currently valued at ~US$235 at publication time) and a US$150 gift certificate to Newegg.

Who knows? They may tip other entries they like, too.

Happy Valentines’ Day from ChangeTip!

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