Qonetum Finance’s ScalePad

Bear markets are a good time to reflect — and a question that isn't asked often enough is this: Why do crypto projects have such a high failure rate… and how can they scale to boost their chances of success?

That's a topic we're going to dive into during Cointelegraph's latest ask-me-anything session on YouTube, where we'll be joined by Qonetum Finance.

CEO and CTO Yoda Regev will be with our very own Rachel Wolfson to discuss the challenges facing fledgling projects that are trying to get off the ground.

While CoinMarketCap data shows that thousands of token projects have completed seed funding or a token offering, Yoda argues that the big challenge comes when they need to raise further capital and liquidity — a crucial step in order to scale. 

It is worth noting that this isn't just a crypto-specific problem — and according to this entrepreneur, 98% of startups fail because of this.

A new approach

Typically in the crypto ecosystem, projects have tokens that can be sold to generate capital — but they need to tread carefully. Offering discounts under current market prices can lead to tokens being dumped, crashing valuations in a sudden and spectacular way.

Yoda argues that bear markets exacerbate these risks even further — and any attempt to withdraw liquidity from pools ends up being regarded as a rug pull, sparking fresh panic. Projects wanting to scale need safe and fresh solutions following a launchpad's initial fundraising.

Qonetum Finance's solution is a new ScalePad approach called a Post DEX Offering based on quantum finance models — and the leader of this DeFi ecosystem will explain this concept in depth during the livestream.

Yoda will offer an insight into how a hybrid of fundraising, strategic staking and liquidity mining can better serve crypto projects in bull and bear markets alike — opening up new fundraising avenues for operations and ensuring capital can be cashed out in a safe way.

Of course, YouTube viewers who tune in live will also be able to ask their own questions by popping it into the comment box.

Access Qonetum Finance’s ScalePad here

How Qonetum Finance works

Qonetum says its goal is to reduce investment risk and increase liquidity to illiquid assets — creating an efficient financial system that's based on quantum finance methods. With an ambitious roadmap and a cutting-edge approach, this is an ecosystem that's firm in the belief that it will be at the forefront of the financial sector's future.

Yoda  is on hand to explain how and why projects and users alike will be drawn to Post DEX Offerings — and shed light on how new staking models can enhance token prices and liquidity. He will also introduce how partners can receive a $100,000 yearly grant for their own ScalePad licence.

Qonetum Finance's live AMA takes place on Wednesday at 2pm ET (6pm UTC.) Head on over to Cointelegraph's YouTube page and smash those like and subscribe buttons for all our future videos and updates.

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