On the 1st of July, Cointelegraph launched its HR match-making service that aims to connect highly-skilled individuals with their potential employers in the new emerging economy.

The idea is simple: where else could you find the most motivated, knowledgeable and skillful people to work at a Bitcoin startup like CEX.io, for example, other than a community-oriented news platform like Cointelegraph?

Inversely, those interested in the employment opportunities offered by the many cryptocurrency startups that are springing up each day are also in luck. Cointelegraph is expanding its partner network, which includes leading companies from the cryptospace, which are actively hiring and looking for the best people available.

We asked some community members what they thought of the new service:

"I believe it is vital to reach out to the bitcoin community for talent"

Alberto Liver Vega, BitPay LatAm

“I don't know too many job boards that specialize in Bitcoin, it's great to have that.” 

- Ron Gross, Mastercoin Foundation

“I like the database idea. This is great.”

- Nathan Woz Wosnak, CryptoBiz Magazine

"There aren't enough services out there connecting BTC experts with possible employment opportunity.  If you are developing a community to help bridge the gap, it's going to be very useful."

- Steve Govoni, CoinShovel

“It is useful. You can find some people in Linkedin with experience. Mostly by word or recommendation, but I don’t think there is a database or hr company related to the Bitcoin world.”

- Jose Rodriguez, Unisend Bitcoin Exchange

Unlike the sputtering traditional economy, the Bitcoin economy is booming. And as Bitcoin continues its push into the mainstream along with VC’s actively pumping funds into the fledgling economy, it is expected that more and more startups will enter the scene and will actively recruit and hire specialists.

Try it. It’s free!

Cointelegraph is the leading community-focused cryptocurrency media outlet with thousands of readers all over the world. At Cointelegraph, we believe that offering such match-making services to both employers and job-seekers alike will not only help individuals and businesses find the right match, but also promote cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin economy in general.

Therefore, the service is free of charge until August 2, 2014. Try it out and send your CV’s and job offers today to hr@cointelegraph.com

Bitcoin is a new principle-based way of organizing an economy. We at Cointelegraph hope to foster this new digital economy and televise the revolution!

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