The conference will take place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, on 22nd -24th  April. It will be devoted to different networking and communication solutions among which would be a Bitcoin MasterClass.

As more people and organizations begin to embrace cryptocurrencies, more and conferences open a corner with a proud “Bitcoin” sign over it. This time digital coins will not be in the center of attention, but more like a nice addition to other tech pieces that will be presented on the exhibition. Quoting the official site of the event – “Benefit from prominent exposure to showcase your most innovative NFC, QR, Bluetooth and other Cloud or Proximity ready for market solutions and emerging applications to a specific or cross market variety of vertical industries”.

However, the part that gets interesting for crypto-lovers is the so-called Bitcoin MasterClass. This part will happen on the final day of the exhibition (24th April) and cover many basic aspects of Bitcoin along which are the genesis of Bitcoin, money supply mechanism, bitcoin transaction processing etc. A great amount of time will be devoted to the software solutions for digital coins and mobile Apps. All of the latter covered in the second part of the program. And of course, how can Bitocoin disclaimer be called like that if it doesn’t contain the already traditional part about the risks and criticism.

One of the sponsors is quite popular online magazine,, although I cannot get to their site to find additional details, because at the time this article is being written the webpage cannot be reached due to some reason.

The Executive Director of the exhibition, Joanne Merchie has published an open letter in which she is pointing out the innovative part of the event’s concept that was molded in the development of it. Most importantly “If we could sum up in one word what WIMA is about this would be networking.”

A nice event for Bitcoin to be highlighted at. I only wish that the “warning” part of the Bitcoin Masterclass would not scare of the potential investors.