World’s First Ethereum-based eSports Platform Launched

The eSports industry has posted a 41% year-on-year market growth, according to the 2017 Newzoo annual report, making it hard to ignore. Similarly, you would be hard-pressed to find a major industry that Blockchain technology isn’t disrupting.  In that light, World of Battles represents the ideal merger between the emerging industries of Blockchain and eSports.

Traditional eSports streaming platforms are rampant with bugs and errors. They come with many shortcomings ranging from streaming interruptions to long waiting periods for processing the betting transactions. Taking advantage of Blockchain technology, World of Battles (WOB) presents innovative solutions that not only provide for enhanced streaming and gaming, but also mitigate the operational risks associated with placing bets. WOB also presents bullet-proof mechanisms for eliminating fraudulent behavior as well as cheating and abuse of its system.

The rundown on WOB

WOB is a decentralized, autonomous Ethereum-based eSports platform that provides an enhanced gaming experience. Utilizing smart contracts, the platform functions independently of third party financial institutions, thus eliminating one major burden. One of its biggest advantages is being publicly verifiable, resulting in increased security through features that significantly reduce the probability of fraud, hacking and embezzlement. Among other things, the platform enables users to place bets and create tournaments.

With more than 450,000 players already registered and p