Media is foundational to the cryptocurrency industry and has been since the beginning. Even a single look at Bitcoin (BTC) indicates the power of the media in promoting the relatively new concept and, in turn, establishing a community of enthusiasts. The development of the cryptocurrency market and the growing price of Bitcoin have since been attributed to the mainstream media.

First and foremost, the media tends to focus primarily on the financial implications of the cryptocurrency world, limiting its contents to the rise and fall of prices, when in reality, this is only a subset of the technology’s impact on the world. Secondly, the majority of media released today is biased to target an American audience when the relevant population is much greater, spanning over the entire world. Last but not least, it is not uncommon for the content to have a lower production value due to quick turnaround times or smaller budgets. Due to the high bar set by traditional media, many unfamiliar with the crypto community look to these news outlets as less credible based on appearance alone.

As a result, many cryptocurrency-specific media platforms have since arisen to cover news about the technology and any updates on the greater world of blockchain. In alignment with this media deficiency, Ledger has introduced Down the Rabbit Hole, a project with the mission to televise the revolution. To embrace all aspects of the ever-changing industry, the team talks to a variety of stakeholders, whether this is a Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist or an nonfungible token (NFT) creator, bringing an inclusive feel to the vast market.  

This is made possible through Ledger, a team whose main product is a hardware wallet used to store cryptocurrency assets, including coins, NFTs and more.

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Each week users can expect three segments, each addressing a different aspect of the crypto revolution: international and social adoption, economic and cultural. The three segments are called: The Story, 7 Days in Crypto, and The Deep Dive correspondingly.

Watch the “Down the Rabbit Hole” series

All three segments will be posted every Friday in full on their YouTube channel, with smaller segments being made available through social media. The show has been airing in five languages since October 2021. With several episodes under their belt, the team has already covered multiple interesting topics. 

Some of their most recent “Story” segments include; a look at Arnhem in the Netherlands, the self-proclaimed “Bitcoin City,” a discovery of the NFT artist, Beeple, and an interview with the man behind the game Sorare.

On top of this, investors will get a 3-minute overview of; the markets in the segment known as “7 Days of Crypto,” and industry enthusiasts can learn about how the world is changing in response to the revolution that is digital currency. 

Finally, for those interested in the cultural aspect of it all, a Deep Dive will be done on the experience piece. The show itself proves to be well-rounded with a segment for anyone and everyone.

The team’s intent is to one day become the go-to place for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency industry, where users can unveil the world of crypto in an episode at a time. Together, the show proves that crypto is more than an object for financial gain; it is a real asset with very real potential. 

A Look at Ledger

As teams learn more about the world of digital currency through each airing, they might be inclined to purchase some tokens of their own. To get started, Ledger, the team behind this show, is providing users with a secure solution for cryptocurrency storage through their hardware and software offerings as a single solution for all things digital currency-related.

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