Home town: Louisville , KY

Birth Year: 1986

Current Location: Bradenton , FL


Millersville University , Political & Government Affairs 04'-06' (Drop Out)


After obtaining my AA degree in 2006, Zach began his career in finance for 8 years starting as a personal banker, and finishing as an anti-Money Laundering analyst within the financial intelligence unit. His career in finance ultimately came to a halt when he received an email about Bitcoin potentially being used to launder funds.

“Instantly, I became consumed, similar to pressing the “on” button of Macintosh  for the first time in your life,” he explains. “Countless hours spent researching, trading, and constantly watching the price of bitcoin skyrocket ultimately led me to stray from the 9-5 rat race.” A career in banking quickly took a back seat to Bitcoin.

Zach took a leap of faith and decided to pursue different opportunities in 2010, and organized a Bitcoin meet-up in Sarasota. Meeting and learning from brilliant people with similar interest and passions for cryptocurrencies motivated him to resume his coding hobby and develop MasterTraderCoin (MTR) in addition to the social media platform ToshiDesk.


Cryptocurrencies, coding, law, and travel

Role in the Bitcoin community

Developer, Co-founder and Chairman of the fastest growing Social Media Platform for Crypto-Traders