In May 2013 the company founded by the developers Dan Held and Kevin Johnson presented to the society their application covering the most important features necessary to take part in the bitcoin environment. The first launch was completed on the iOS platform and was compatible with phones, tablets and even the iPod. In august they have announced the launch of the app also on Android – to cover a wider community of users.

The description in the App Store of the iTunes says that ZeroBlock is software to combine the bitcoin market with all the exchange data, deals and trades with all possible information inside and outside the bitcoin community. The application is very useful to follow the changing and other statistics of the market for a successful use. The data collected by the program is received from BitStamp, Mt.Gox, Btc-e, BTC China and Coinbase. It allows not missing any news or changes of weather in the crypto coin space.

The realization of the idea followed the rise of BTC prices in April. Both developers insist that it was hard to find the adequate price for a BTC on the web, not to mention application for a smartphone. If there is no one to offer something convenient and easy to use, then why not to try to do it yourself. As we can see the activity around the web, the amount of downloads we can concluded that this idea was a success.

The app is free of any fee or charge. It has a very futuristic in design. It has an x-y spatial design, no massive menus, intuitive browsing by wiping the screen and find the topic of the current interest. It features the exchange rates to the most important and popular fiat currencies of the world – Dollars, Euro, Yuan, Yens, Rubles, as well as Canadian and Australian Dollars – the leading geographical communities are included.

The popularity of the software can be measured also in the opening times. During the recent weeks it was opened 30000-50000 times per day. Now the developers say that the app will be instantly modified, new options as well as widened statistics board will be presented to the users very soon.

Besides everything that was mentioned, the applications allows to view mining data, share information on the most popular social networks, has a built-in calculator for fiat and crypto currencies.

Observing Google Play, were the first version is presented to the users, can be seen that the app has reached 4.3 stars out of 5. The left comments show on some small drawback that can be easily removed by the developers like missing elements, a tiny num-pad and other features, but generally it is one of the most favorite apps for bitcoiners all over the network.