Rocky mountain Ayre Inc (OTC PINK: RMTN) in collaboration with Ocubicle Inc became the first companies in the crypto space to release a quantum deep learning Artificial Intelligence system that manages crypto assets funds.

Kairos (KRX) is the first of its kind crypto asset management fund that is completely driven by Artificial Intelligence. It is an exchange Traded Fund ( ETF) that is managed with Artificial intelligence from end to end. The objective of Kairos is to make it easier for investors to make money from their crypto market investments. This is achieved by the use of a well sophisticated A.I system also called Kairos. It is predictive by nature, and analyzes mass data sets with incredible speed and accuracy. The Kairos A.I manages the Kairos Fund by optimizing and harnessing the vast investment potentials available in the crypto markets. This Artificial Intelligence investment system had been in development for about 3 years and has tested the crypto market for the last 18months.

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology in the crypto markets. Most market investors are still unseasoned and invest mostly based on guesses, sentiments or speculations; Kairos puts an end to such. The crypto market is a promising one that has grown from a market capitalization of $12.4 bIllion to over $106.6 billion in the last 12 months.

The Kairos team comprising of Ocubicle Inc and Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc are initially offering 15 million Kairos tokens at $10 per token with the aim of raising $150 million from investors who are interested in investing in the fast growing crypto market by taking advantage of the first of its kind crypto asset fund that is completely driven and managed using artificial intelligence / Machine learning. The kairos tokens were built on the ethereum blockchain following the ERC20 smart contract standards.

The ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) holds for 30 days, from July 27th 2017 to August 27th 2017, accepting investments in USD ( Bank wire) , Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Investors resident in the United States can only participate after certifying that they are accredited investors, this is to comply with the United States Security and Exchange Commission rule 506C of regulation D. Also inline with the United States Security and Exchange Commission Reg S exemption, foreign investors can participate but do not need to be accredited investor, however they need to confirm that they are not US citizens or residents and were not in the US at the time of the offering.

Funds generated from the Kairos crowdsale will be added to the fund used by Kairos A.I. for the sole purpose of expanding its investments into crypto assets with the goal of making profit for its investors. Kairos return on investment is split into two parts. One part is spread across the Kairos tokens in circulation, this directly impacts the NET Asset Value ( NAV) of investor held Kairos tokens. The other half of the return on investment is paid out as dividends to investors every quarter. Dividends are paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum

Kairos: The crypto asset fund with many "firsts";

  • Kairos is the first crypto asset management fund to be completely driven by Artificial Intelligence
  • They are the first crypto asset management fund supported by a public company (Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc, OTC PINK: RMTN)
  • Kairos is the first crypto Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that offers to directly buy-back its tokens at the prevailing Net Asset Value(NAV) from interested investors.

The ongoing initial coin offering (ICO) is expected to attract lots of attention and make waves in the emerging crypto economy. Early participation bonuses are offered to investors who join the party early. The Project White paper can be seen here.

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