As the world’s most powerful political and business leaders gather to discuss the future of the global economy, CurioDAO will be hosting a very special five-day event right in the heart of Davos to showcase their pioneering work in NFT technology and culture.

RollApp is CurioDAO’s Real-World Asset NFT launchpad, and from May 22-26 you can visit their NFT Shop to meet the team and get an up-close-and-personal look at how the platform works, and why it represents such a major leap forward for the crypto sector. Real-World Asset (RWA) NFTs are physical assets represented as tokens (fractionalized or not) on the blockchain. Together with top Swiss asset manager Leo Trust, the Curio team will be providing live demonstrations of how anybody can submit such assets - cars, diamonds, fine wine, even real estate - to RollApp for tokenization. You might think of it as a kind of Web3 eBay, but that’s only a fraction of the story. 

Leo Trust will harness Curio’s superior technology and regulatory framework to demonstrate the benefits of fractionalization by minting an NFT of physical artwork. Fractionalization allows investors to rebalance their exposure to the asset as valuation evolves or dollar-cost-average into a high-value collectible asset. Investors can use their tokens as collateral to access instant lending and even earn passive income by reinvesting their loan - all free of often infuriating gas fees.

CurioDAO has recently integrated the SKALE network with RollApp (as well as Capital DEX) to bring gasless NFT minting and trading to the platform. SKALE integration offers a secure solution to a major problem facing the NFT market: unpredictable and often painfully high fees on the Ethereum network. SKALE team members will be present to talk to guests at the NFT Shop at the live tokenization event.   

NFT Music Label Launch    

To kick off the event on Sunday evening, there’s a party with multi-talented rapper Antoha MC performing his beguiling blend of lo-fi hip-hop and jazz. Something that will excite everyone interested in the intersection of music and crypto is the launch of an NFT music label, with special guest Serj, co-producer of the official Bored Ape Yacht Club song. The NFT music label gives artists unprecedented independence and sovereignty over their own output. Curio will tokenize tracks on RollApp to trade as NFTs, while the artist receives royalties from each trade.

1inch Pro Day

Everyone’s favorite DEX aggregator, 1inch, will be talking about 1inch Pro, their solution to bringing institutional investors to DeFi, and discuss the challenges involved in bringing the more traditional, regulated financial world to what many see - and often celebrate - as the Wild West of decentralized finance. Since day one, Curio Capital AG has been pulling out all the stops to keep its platforms and tools legally compliant and futureproof. As the threat (or promise) of crypto regulation looms ever larger, it should be of immense interest to the crypto community to hear leaders in the field share their insights into the current state of play. There will also be plenty of VCs in attendance to share their thoughts on DeFi, regulation, NFTs and investment strategies for current market conditions.

Women and Web3

If you’ve ever felt crypto culture lacks diversity, you may be intrigued by Tuesday's brunch- event co-hosted with and Unit Network. The all-female panel and participants meet to discuss what will shape tomorrow's economic transformations in the world of web 3.0.

There will of course be plenty of exclusive opportunities to buy some hot new NFTs throughout the event. At the NFT Shop there will be an exhibition of NFTs from the “beyond dystopian” It Remains collection created by author Vasil Tuchkov and former Pixar art director Antoni Hristov. Inspired by environmental issues, and accompanied by a graphic novel, this is a deeply designed collection of NFTs, which attendees will have an exclusive chance to add to their portfolios. The exhibition will feature 7,777 randomly generated and hand-drawn pieces from the graphic novel. Owning an It Remans NFT gives holders the right to control the future of the graphic novel, as well as potentially receiving action figures, signed graphic novels, and physical prints. The newly available NFTs by Vindome on the other hand will catch any wine enthusiast's eye. 

About Rollapp is the first Web3 NFT platform where users can mint physical NFTs, lock them for instant cash, or simply trade, gasless. The NFT marketplace is supported by which is the first AMM running on the SKALE network, where collectors can buy and sell tokens in real-time, gasless as well.  

Rollapp was part of the SKALE launch program with only five other players. Since then, Rollapp has been leading traction on the SKALE network, grown 2x in the last quarter, has integrated with Chainlink and MakerDAO, and has received numerous grants from foundations: SKALE's NODE, NEAR, The Graph, Aurora, and Harmony.