Larix is introducing a double deposit reward function where users can easily double their deposit APR by using claimable Larix tokens to pair LARIX-USDC.

What is the double deposit reward?

When you deposit at Larix, you receive incentives in Larix, which can be claimed at any time. To double your APR, provide Larix liquidity to the LARIX-USDC pair and lock it for 90 days.

Here’s the deal: 

Suppose your current claimable Larix is 10,000, which is worth $57 at the time of writing. If you claim right away, you will receive 10,000 tokens in your wallet.

Instead, If you use claimable Larix to add liquidity to LARIX-USDC, Larix will automatically boost your APR 2x, meaning an additional 10,000 tokens will be added to your account. 

However, you need to make sure you have enough USD Coin (USDC) in your wallet to add to the LARIX-USDC pool, which in this case will require an equivalent of 20,000 Larix, and agree to lock your crypto for 90 days.

When the locking period ends, you can claim 20,000 of Larix.

Why do we favor double deposit APR?

We believe it will incentivize users to add LARIX-USDC liquidity to stabilize the price of Larix.

Although our tokenomics will not emit tokens excessively, as a farm token, Larix will still face a lot of selling pressure, resulting in unstable token prices. Selling pressure can be mitigated to some extent by locking the claimable Larix for 90 days.

This strategy can also provide more generous rewards for investors who are willing to hold Larix for a long time or have confidence in the Larix project, which is Larix’s return to investors’ trust.