South Africa - Cryptocurrency mining is here to stay and the newly launched Affinity Mining aims at taking the market many steps ahead.

The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially in terms of market capitalization. On August 13th, 2017, the market capitalization was estimated at $135.26 billion. In this flourishing environment, Affinity Mining is launched to operate as a new generation ecologically sustainable crypto-mining range of hardware and software products. Our mission is to make the entire eco-system green. Supporters can register at

Affinity Mining offers transparent access to renewable, profitable, industrial scale crypto-mining through its unique Product Ecosystem. It combines a wide range of products and a large number of emerging technologies to offer a highly profitable solution for investors.

As Murray Hewlett, successful serial entrepreneur and CEO of Affinity Mining emphasizes, “our aim is to be one of the largest cryptocurrency mining organizations that use low-cost renewable energy exclusively whilst utilizing custom algorithms to obtain extremely high profitability.”

Now, Affinity Mining is launching a promising Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign to raise funds for the development of its Ecosystem. Affinity Mining Tokens (AMT) will be issued via an audited and tested smart contract system created to run on the Ethereum ecosystem. This ICO gives to AMT holders the right to claim 30% of the profits generated by Affinity Mining Ltd. 27.5 million tokens will be issued where 1.25 AMT tokens equal US$1, at pre-sales discounts. The accepted currencies are USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency supported by the ShapeshiftTM platform.

Lucrative bonuses and very appealing bounties are available for interested parties. The campaign will run in 6 stages starting from August 18th and will last for six weeks. Early investors will benefit from higher bonuses.

More info about the pre-sale at:

Affinity Mining Ecosystem ICO is an opportunity to purchase a profit share of an industrial scale, renewable crypto-mining company. 70% of all funds raised are immediately used on the most profitable ASIC miners to create positive cash flows for the business to ensure payouts to our token holders after the first quarter the miners are active. 

Additional profits will be reinvested into the business to further fund expansion, additional product launches and R&D. The project is profitable from Milestone 1. This will ensure maximum profitability on our miners and in turn compounding into additional units. All our units are powered by 100% renewable energy in a state of the art facility. 

This entire process will be submitted to the blockchain in a transparent and safe manner allowing any member of the public to verify the mining returns. 

Each token will entitle its holder to their pro-data share of 30% of the company’s profits every quarter for as long as the token is held. 70% is further reinvested to compound into additional mining equipment, product launches and R&D. The company consists of 4 additional income streams to mining. The most notable on Milestone 1 is the Everywhere Mining Solution. Everywhere Mining is a GUI miner that is downloaded and installed allowing the software control over the GPU in the system when not being used. Using proprietary tech we will ensure what the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine, and direct the entire hashrate of the Everywhere Mining platform to mine that particular cryptocurrency. This will ensure that GPU mining is as profitable as ever. 

The payouts will be done every quarter in ETH to token holders.  As the Milestones progress additional income streams become active resulting in greater profitability due to product launches and economies of scale.

Affinity Mining is a new generation Crypto-mining range of hardware and software products that create an amazing Ecosystem and offers high profits to investors. It is created and supported by a highly skilled team of experts with a combined experience of more than 25 years in this field.

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