Vilnius, Lithuania - October 10, 2017 - A new partnership has been signed between Aidos Foundation and MisterTango to enable ADK holders secure IBAN/Swift bank accounts and convert their digital currency into fiat in seconds. They can also get a free Mastercard debit card linked to the account.

Aidos is an open source project that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability. It is a secure, private and untraceable solution to the problem of a lack of financial privacy. Banks and governments keep records of users’ transactions which are prone to leaks and improper use, in some cases, to enforce their power. Aidos enables users to spend their tokens freely without any fear of being tracked or tainted.

With the new partnership, MisterTango will also list ADK on its digital currency exchange BTC market for ADK users to have seamless transactions.

ADK founder, Ricardo Badoer, says about the partnership: “You can apply for a bank account with MisterTango to get your IBAN/Swift account + debit card. You can use the account like any other bank account. You also have access to BTC Market where MisterTango’s clients can sell or buy Bitcoin and ADK with fiat. You will have fiat from your ADK or BTC sales in your MisterTango bank account within seconds.”

Badoer adds: “Also, I feel Mister Tango will be a big part of our banking network. We are buying shares in banks in Tanzania and also looking into Asia. We have a long road ahead of us to make this all work but we have a good foundation to build on. But while we are working on all details, everyone is welcome to open a bank account with Mister Tango.”

MisterTango is a fully licensed online banking by the Lithuanian central bank. Account opening is easy and can be done remotely.

Besides usage in the financial sector, Aidos is also ready to be plugged into the Internet of Things to enable its participation in an ecosystem of billions of devices. Its core technology enables zero fees which makes micro-transactions, an important IoT requirement, possible.

About Aidos

Aidos is an open source and Quantum secure platform which features zero fee on transactions and is scalable without blocks. Its transaction system is based on a directed mesh with I2P as underlying network layer that protects its users’ identities from being revealed. Its AKshuffle keeps users anonymous and transactions 100% invisible and untraceable. The platform is backed by the Aidos Foundation. Aidos was founded by Ricardo Badoer in 2016. Badoer has more than 16 years working experience in finance, offshore banking and more than five years in digital currency trading.


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