Alexey Burdyko, the founder and CEO of Game Show Entertainment (which is the local partner of DreamHack in CIS and one of the largest eSports organizations in the region, encompassing the GSL.TV gaming platform and the Game Show TV channel), has recently joined SkinCoin in their attempt to solve the skins market’s problems within eSports with a cryptocurrency. He will be advising them about the steps that must be taken in order to make SkinCoin a great success and have the cryptocurrency accepted by this huge market, which was evaluated at more than 7 billion dollars in 2016.

SkinCoin was founded by Igor Solomatin and Alexey Zakharov, two experts on the skins market and the minds behind some of the big websites in this industry:,, and The cryptocurrency they created is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform and brings with it all of the advantages of blockchain technology: reliability, transparency, fast transactions and so on. Combined, the qualities of the SkinCoin cryptocurrency and the team behind it greatly boost the project’s chances to become highly successful and completely change online gaming within eSports for the better.
“At this moment, the SkinCoin project is a much needed and very useful tool for gamers and cybersports enthusiasts. That's because the SkinCoin cryptocurrency can help them trade in-game items and make bets on cybersports events safer and easier than ever before.”  – SkinCoin’s Advisory Board

Just a few weeks ago, on June 21, 2017, SkinCoin launched its ICO (Initial Coin Offering), looking to raise capital for the further development of their project. So far, the company has attracted around 12.000 ETH from backers around the world, which is the equivalent of 2.5 million dollars. SKIN tokens can be bought at the rate of 1 ETH for 6000 SKIN tokens. The minimum and maximum transaction amounts allowed are 600 SKIN (0.1 ETH) and 18 million SKIN (3.000 ETH). The ICO ends on July 21, 2017.

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