Today, FTB announces its Initial Coin Offering campaign.

We set out a goal to disrupt the crypto investment industry by developing a platform capable of enhancing the values that Blockchains has to offer.

FTB is a totally different approach to investments and is launching an ecosystem of financial tools that will allow users to invest in digital currencies backed by Blockchain security and real world assets that combined result in a new transparent and effective way of investing.

Investors will be able to exchange currencies like Bitcoin/Ethereum or Waves to receive FTB Fincoins that can be used inside the platform.

With a strong attention to user experience and a deep expertise in the cryptocurrency industry FTB makes possible for those who have no technical-financial knowledge to benefit of high earning opportunities exploiting new crypto-markets’ volatility.

Key Investment Tools

Connect World Funds. CWF are a way for investors to purchase tokens that represents real world investment funds allowing to switch between these funds simply exchanging their coins.

Imagine if there was a token binded to JP Morgan funds’ value and you could switch to a Goldman Sachs fund simply by exchanging your FTB_JP_Morgan coin with FTB_Goldman_Sachs_one.

FTB makes easy to buy these new tokens so you just have to check your profits taking advantage of the infrastructure built around Connect World Funds.

Crypto-Funds Investments. Through cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies FTB’s platform allows to invest in new and emerging crypto-markets giving insights on high potential assets.

It’s not required to invest large amounts of money to expect high returns, the platform is dedicated to identify the best opportunities for investors.

Cloud Funds. This new concept of perceiving common investment funds allows users to execute operations based on other investors ideas.

FTB allows to take advantage of the community financial and economic knowledge organizing user-generated ideas in specific forums.

The strategy that receives the highest grade of consensus will be executed. This concept is particularly helpful when investing in emerging crypto-markets without having a deep understanding of the economic factors involved.

FTB Fincoin and FTB’s ICO

Investors who will partecipate in FTB ICO will be officially rewarded with Fincoins.

FTB Fincoin is FTB’s representative coin. Currently there are 10 Billion of them and no other one will be generated at this stage of the project.

FTB Fincoins are effectively representing FTB shares and they allow investors to buy services at a more advantageous price compared to other currencies. All the Fincoin investors will be rewarded with the right of collection a portion of the dividends as well.

Currently FTB ICO hard cap is advantageously low with only 4.680.000$ as a goal.

ICO Summary

Name: FTB Fincoin

Start Date: 1st October, 2017

End Date: 31st October, 2017

How to partecipate

FTB is hosting its Initial Coin Offering on the Waves platform.

You’ll be able to partecipate to the ICO using Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin filling a form on our website that will allow you to receive FTB Fincoin in your Waves Wallet. You can also purchase FTB Fincoin directly with waves, euro or dollars via Waves Platform!

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