Vienna, Austria, 04 May 2020 – BlockExpo has announced that they are moving ANON Summit online for 2020.

The move to a digital format will make the event accessible to everyone despite COVID-19 and the restrictions it has caused for travel and large in-person gatherings. The event is scheduled to take place on 19-20 May 2020, when many are still expected to be under quarantine.

Confirmed speakers include renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals Maximilian Marenbach, Head of Banking at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange; Lili Zhao, Director at NEO; and Andreas M. Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin. Other speakers will include founders, C-level executives, policymakers, educators, and more. Furthermore, the conference will be opened by the Austrian Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, Margarete Schramböck.

Major sponsors like Raiffeisen Bank International, Tezos, Electroneum, BDO, StakerDAO, Austrian Post, IEEE, and Ledger have confirmed their continued support, signaling approval of the switch to an online format. 

Using novel technology, ANON 2020 will mirror the entire offline experience into the online world. Rather than a simple teleconference or webinar, the conference will have a stage, workshops, networking, and even an expo area. It will be a dynamic event that attendees can engage in from the safety of their own home.

"We will make distance irrelevant. Attendees will save money and time. Everything becomes instant." said Daniel Lenikus, CEO and Co-Founder of BlockExpo. "Our goal is to exceed all expectations and herald the age of online conferencing."

Benefits of moving online:

  • Near-infinite capacity

  • Accessibility to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts around the world

  • 100% sustainable and CO2 neutral

  • New opportunities for networking with an international audience

BlockExpo has joined forces with Cointelligence, a respected name within the crypto industry, to ensure the success of the event.

“Social distancing isn’t doing anything to slow down the blockchain revolution,” said Cointelligence CEO and Founder On Yavin. “If anything, it’s just speeding things up. Now, people who might not have previously had the interest or ability to fly to another country for a blockchain conference will have the opportunity to attend a top-notch event from home. I think we’ll see a lot of new enthusiasts attending ANON 2020 and really getting excited about the possibilities.”

The conference will be affordable for everyone. There will be two types of tickets available, one for a modest 20€ fee and one for free.

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