Vienna, Austria, May 15 2020 — With one week to go until their event on May 19-20, ANON Summit 2020 already has over 6000 registered attendees eager to participate in online panels, workshops, expos, and networking.

ANON Summit is providing an interactive experience, rather than a one-way stream. The event is hosted on an online platform that allows for communication between speakers, attendees, and exhibitors, including a pre-event chat where everyone can get to know each other in the days leading up to the conference.

With partners from diverse industries including banking, telecoms, and law, attendees can expect numerous viewpoints and opportunities to learn about the state of blockchain technology today and how it is being applied in the real world.

As part of their mission to recreate the offline conference experience in a safe and immersive online environment, ANON Summit has also added sessions for traders, investors, and founders.

“Our goal with this event has always been to bring all the best aspects of the conference experience online,” said Daniel Lenikus, CEO and Co-Founder of BlockExpo, the organizer of the event. “This means providing an agenda to appeal to everyone who engages with the blockchain industry, whether as a business, a founder, or a trader.”

Traders and those interested in beginning to trade can attend a trading panel consisting of Mati Greenspan, Tone Vays, Anatoliy Knyazev, and Leah Wald. This panel will cover how to trade on market volatility. Another panel will discuss investment alternatives in the time of COVID-19.

“The coronavirus has had a major impact on the global economy,” said On Yavin, CEO of Cointelligence, an organizing partner of ANON Summit 2020. “This is driving a lot of interest in investing with and trading on digital assets. We wanted to provide people with an opportunity to learn from some of the smartest traders in the industry.”

For founders looking to secure funding, there will be three Meet the Investors sessions. These sessions will give founders the opportunity to pitch their projects to investors operating within the blockchain sphere. Participating investors include Alon Goren and Josef Holm from Draper Goren Holm, Shane Kehoe from SVK Crypto, and Astrid Woollard and Mark Cachia from Scytale Ventures.

With over 6000 attendees and more registering every day, from all over the globe, attendees can expect a truly international, diverse, and engaging experience. Online events are serving to bring the blockchain community together and foster more collaboration, innovation, and human connection.

Those interested in joining should visit for more information on speakers, the agenda, and more.