Blockchained India, together with Metapolis and CoinDCX is hosting Back the Buidlers, an unconference. It is aimed at assisting builders and investors with best practices to make the most of this bear market.

The past few months have been intense for the crypto space. With the bear run, UST depegging, and now the FTX collapse, it’s a domino-like explosion. There is, however, no better time to innovate and fuel the next growth cycle.

Just like a seed needs a suitable environment to sprout, similarly, innovators need the necessary support and infrastructure in terms of capital, guidance and network.  In these turbulent times, the ecosystem needs those who genuinely want to back the builders.

Beyond that, this conference represents multiple communities coming together to showcase a formidable front to nurture innovation. They will together be hosting builders at the event alongside Blockchained India.

Fortune favors those who continue to build and learn from those who have done it in the past.


What to expect

Like every Blockchained India event, builders will enjoy sessions delivered by experts, like those from CoinDCX and Polkadex. This will be followed by inspiring panel discussions from the top movers and shakers in the industry to instill confidence among the builders.

A taste of what’s on tap

  • Builders get a chance to showcase their technology and connect with investors for potential investments. Other attendees get to learn from the champions as to how and where to improvise.
  • Hodlers get to interact with the builders and understand how they are solving real user problems. Who knows, attendees may even find their next startup to invest in. The best technology gets built in bear markets, and now is the time to get favorable valuations.
  • Supporters can propose their technology stack that can help builders develop offerings easily. They also get to analyze what builders are building and strive for partnerships.

The event will be held at the Whitefield Marriott in Bangalore on Dec. 3, 2022 from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Spots can be reserved online now.

About Blockchained India

Blockchained India is the largest and oldest Web3 community in India. It has supported budding Web3 startups in the ecosystem since the beginning of the crypto movement. Now, the community is focusing on the widespread adoption of Web3.