Back to Earth is a multi-platform science fiction experience that wants to make you believe in the impossible. The crowdfund begins on April 26th, 2017, but unlike many crowdfunds of the past, the Back to Earth campaign will only be available to members of the public who can find it.

The Back to Earth experience is built from the ground up, utilizing various technological mediums and social platforms to entertain and engage the audience. The story revolves around groundbreaking technology that has turned humanity into aggressive, brain dead animals. A few survivors must brave this new world in order to rediscover humanity and save themselves.

Connecting the experience across all platforms will be StarCredits, a virtual token built on the Ethereum blockchain. StarCredits will be used to interact with the story in a way that pushes the limits on modern storytelling. The StarCredit token will allow players to vote on story outcomes, collect in game content, unlock special features and puzzles, and more.

The team includes an experienced group of nationally recognized writers, producers, software developers, and Emmy award-winning creators.

Joining the crowdfund will require a referral link from Back to Earth or a community member. Referral links may be distributed through the Back to Earth Newsletter and Telegram community.

If you are lucky enough to find a referral link and join the crowdfund you will receive:

A personal referral link that can be given to friends and followers. You will be rewarded with 50 StarCredits for anyone who follows this link and donates a minimum of .05 BTC.

If you donate .75 BTC or more you will also receive a unique blockchain based asset that will give you access to free tokens in a second crowdfund or special Back to Earth content/events.

The crowdfund begins on April 26th and will run for four weeks, or until the max cap of 750 BTC is reached. Most crowdfunds are open to the public, so Back to Earth hopes that the exclusivity of their crowdfund will create a unique experience for the cryptographic community as a whole. You can learn more on their website and follow them on Twitter at @backtoearthARG


Company name: Back to Earth Productions

Company site:

Company contacts: Clay Space (creator)