Don’t be left behind and join the Bazista (BZS) Tokensale! The project that will create a simple and safe platform enabling the exchange of goods and services, with a wide range of infrastructure solutions offered to users and holders of cryptocurrencies and digital assets that will surely become effective. This brings another innovation through blockchain technology and will open bigger and exciting opportunities for all.

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing technological markets in the world as shown in the graph below, thus, being in this field will mean a bigger chance for rapid project expansion, greater returns and sustained project growth and progress.

Bazista is an exchange platform for B2C and C2C that uses new technologies of settlement of transactions between users. Our service enables a user to easily exchange necessary goods and services for cryptocurrency by interacting with other platform users. Below are the Bazista features that will help our users to get an insight about the key elements of the platform and make the whole process easy to deal with and understand.

This platform gives awesome benefits for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can enjoy payments in a few clicks, no hidden charges, tax free, instant payments, use of internal tokens among others. Likewise, sellers will delight in low commission or commission-free transactions, instant payments, additional marketing tools. These benefits will certainly attract more people to join and use the platform creating active community and attaining success.

The project introduces Bazista token also be called Bazi which is fully ERC223 compliant. This is the initial step towards the achievement of the projects because successful funding will contribute to promoting the complex development of the platform, can introduce the loyalty improvement system and can create new income flows for development and support to the platform. It will be available for purchase with BTC and ETH.

Ticker token: BZS. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 11 000 BZS. Base token price upon the launch of the crowdsale will be set to $0.3. ETH/USD and BTC/USD exchange rate will be locked based on November 16 (Pre-ICO) and December 2017 (ICO start) market exchange rate and will be valid for the entire time of the crowd sale/pre-ICO.

The total number of generated BZS tokens is 440 000 000 and proportionately distributed for the development and realization of the project:

  • 73% of tokens (321 200 000) will be sold in the ICO to secure funds for further product development, operations and international expansion;
  • 15% of tokens (66 000 000) will be held by project founders and the rest of the team that helped to bring the project to life with their hard work and dedication;
  • 4% of tokens (17 600 000) will be reserved for advertising campaign inside the platform;
  • 3% of tokens (13 200 000) will be sold in the Pre-ICO;
  • 3% of tokens (13 200 00) will be given to early stage investors;
  • 2% of tokens (8 800 000) will intended for the initial stocking of the bounty pool.

Become a part of another advancement in E-commerce industry. Pre-ICO stage that will start on November 16th at 12:00 (+3 UTC) and will last till the 21.11.17 at 12:00:00 (+3 UTC), making 5 days in total. Bazista will offer 45% bonuses reserved for pre-ICO that is perfectly design as an appreciation for the project’s early supporters.

BZS Tokens that won’t be sold during the pre-ICO round will be added to the larger amount offered during the main round of crowdsale.

In the Crowdsale round, launching of the main stage of the ICO is set in December of 2017.

The exact date will be announced soon, so, keep yourself updated and just make sure to join one of our communities across Internet.

Bonuses distribution during ICO

30% — Day 1–3
20% — Day 4–11
15% — Day 12–17
10% — Day 18–23
  5% — Day 24–28
  0% — Day 29

Uncapped ICOs turned out to be harmful for the tokenized economy, often driven by greed and taken advantage of the hype. So, our minimal cap is $1,3 m (approximately 3 800 ETH) and hard cap is $9,9 m. (approximately 29 200 ETH).

In case the ICO does not reach the minimal amount, all raised money will be returned to investors. In case the ICO does not reach enough amount for wide international expansion none of the development or marketing activities will be completely omitted, but the dynamics of their execution might change.

Unsold tokens will be transferred into the marketing budget. Tokens will be locked into a smart contract and become accessible after half year, when the global marketing campaign will begin.

Funds raised during ICO campaign will be distributed in a manner as follows:

  • 35% of funds collected will be spent on developing the platform;
  • 55% will cover marketing budget;
  • 10% will cover administrative expenses, legal support expenses, etc.

Get ready now! Marked your calendar as BZS crowdsale is soon to come. Keep in touch with us and together we will take the road towards success!

Company name: Bazista

Company site:

Company contacts: Denis Sholokhov, CMO