In case you missed it, "Chasing Casascius" is a new photo book that uses bitcoin and blockchain lore in its story and product launch, and is selling out fast!

Amidst all of the drama in the bitcoin world and the theoretical use cases for merchants and financial institutations, "Chasing Casascius" shakes things up with a book launch that actually leverages the blockchain.

It is a story about a lone Block Explorer seeking out 'orphaned physical bitcoin blocks' to sync with the blockchain network. The beauty comes from the exotic locales, photo actress, and use of a Casascius Gold Plated Bar as a representation of an orphaned bitcoin block.

Casascius Gold Plated Bars are rare physical bitcoins created by Mike Caldwell. Purchasers of the book are entered into a third party raffle for the gold plated bar.

On the technical side, the book is available for payment in bitcoin via Stripe, and recipients will also receive a corresponding Counterparty asset, allowing them to track their ownership of the book on bitcoin's blockchain. 

According to the website, purchases are contributing to charity by proxy, as they intend to donate a portion of proceeds to charities that accept bitcoin.

The project vision is to be "The gold standard in the closed loop cryptocurrency economy" showing that the intention is to release a product in bitcoin, and distribute the proceeds in bitcoin, with a portion going to charities that accept bitcoin.

It is an ambitious project and carries a premium coming in at 0.22 BTC at time of writing. The initial launch is open until the halving, with supplies limited, and we expect this book to be in the lobby of every fintech consortium member!


Company name: Creation Company LTD
Company site:
Company contacts: Cynthia Adams, Thomas Flynn, Peter Hone
Email: [email protected]