Miss Charm is the revolutionary new era of beauty pageants based on blockchain technology. Bringing the latest Web3 advancements to the virtual world, Miss Charm provides an extraordinary and novel experience for users.

Miss Blockcharm — the combination of the two terms “Miss Charm” and “Blockchain” — is a competition within the framework of Miss Charm. It is the first contest to use fan tokens, NFTs and a DAO to promote the real-world application of blockchain technology.

Miss BlockCharm utilizes blockchain technology to bring outstanding security benefits to contestants and users. The application of blockchain technology ensures transparency in the contest results, preventing data changes and fraud. This allows for easy monitoring, voting and interaction with users’ favorite beauty queen through tokens and NFTs.


Beauty and blockchain unite in a global competition

Miss Charm 2023 has presented 40 contestants from 40 countries. These contestants have already achieved great success in national and international beauty contests, and are now ready to compete on the global stage.

What sets Miss Charm apart from other beauty pageants is that all contestants are trained in the use of blockchain technology. They have a basic understanding of the technology and its applications in life, and they also know how to create their blockchain wallet. Each contestant has their unique wallet address and can send and receive tokens and NFTs.


How to vote for the beauty queens

Miss Charm officially released its MBC token, an educational token mainly used in the contest for onboarding users onto Web3 and voting. These tokens will be burned after the competition ends. Miss Charm offers two ways for users to earn MBCC: Free users can install Metamask or Fizen from the App Store or Google Play, and join the free online giveaway (Airdrop) campaigns of each delegate for a chance to receive MBC tokens. Paid users can purchase NFTs on the Miss BlockCharm platform using either their credit card or blockchain wallet. If using a blockchain wallet, they will first need to deposit USDT or MATIC on the Polygon network to their Metamask or Fizen wallet. Once they have done this, they can select their preferred NFT and click “Purchase.” Miss Charm offers five different types of NFTs, each with varying benefits corresponding to their price. So, the higher the price, the more MBC Tokens they would get to vote.
Finally, users will connect their wallets to the voting page, the system will record the number of tokens and decide their voting power.

One of the unique aspects of this NFT is that the proceeds from the sale will be dedicated to funding charitable causes supported by the contestants. This means that not only will the users get to own a one-of-a-kind digital asset, but they’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that their purchase is making a positive impact in the world. This is a great example of how NFTs can be used for more than just financial gain, and it’s an exciting development in the world of charitable giving.

Miss Charm is bringing the latest technological developments to the world of beauty pageants, ensuring a safe and transparent experience for everybody. The beauty queens can be voted for on the Miss Block Charm website.


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