OnPlace Inc. uses blockchain technology to present platform users with investment opportunities in private companies, announces successful crowdfunding.

May 18, 2017, Delaware, USA - The United States registered blockchain-based investment platform, OnPlace Inc., takes pleasure to announce that it has surpassed its equity crowdfunding target. Following the successful fundraising, the investment platform now enables users to invest safely in private companies across the globe.

Through the recent equity crowdfunding campaign held in the United States, OnPlace Inc. raised 101% of the earmarked value. Now, it is looking forward to collaborating with new investors over both of its investment platforms.

The OnPlace Ecosystem

OnPlace is a combination of two separate FinTech investment platforms, one for private investments and other for traditional equity crowdfunding. The primary platform, www.investments.onplace.io focuses on special private investments with significant growth potential. It differentiates itself from other competitor sites like 'EquityZen' by providing investor pool protection through due diligence and investigation of all the companies made available for investments.

OnPlace combine three of the biggest markets; North America, China, and India in one. The platform scans through all the aforementioned markets to pick companies that offer high growth investment opportunities. Once the companies are listed and made available on the platform, OnPlace users can start investing as less as US$ 500 to build their portfolio. Other similar platforms in the segment have a minimum investment threshold, which goes as high as US$20,000.

The second platform in OnPlace Ecosystem is the traditional equity crowdfunding platform which occupies a market segment with significantly less competition. An equity crowdfunding platform is a valuable tool for both small businesses/entrepreneurs and investors of all sizes to raise and invest money respectively.

OnPlace COO and Director of Communications, Michael Gorden stated:

“We are basically pioneers; we have everything that it takes to become the largest player in the Russian market. We will have a secondary market within our investors' network. We will have optional insurance for the investments on certain projects.”

OnPlace sees the use of blockchain technology as the quickest, most efficient and convenient way to facilitate investments, thanks to fast transactions and low fee structures they offer. This area of investment has particularly witnessed growth in the Asian region, especially China.

OnPlace has had a long, successful experience with Chinese partners and given their interest in cryptocurrency technology; the platform understands that the use of blockchain-based solution will positively influence their cooperation and involvement in the initiative. Now, the platform hopes to achieve similar levels of collaboration and enthusiasm among the European and American investment communities.

Complacent Investment Strategy

OnPlace's investment strategy involves a rating system, which ranks investment opportunities to assess potential risks by comparing key metrics of current values and changes over a period. These combined factors include revenue, loss, business product/service users, existing similar entities, the strength and density of competition in the industry, previous funding rounds and total investments raised from different investors to date.

OnPlace’s Equity Crowdfunding Platform has a commission-based revenue generation system in place where anywhere between 5% to 10% of the successfully raised amount, inclusive of the fees for providing profile building support is collected from the borrowers. Similarly, the commissions on its investment platform are comprised of two slabs. The first one, 10% of investment amount for entrance and due diligence process. And the second one, involving a 20% performance fees on net profits of the campaign.

The platform is soon announcing its ICO, where cryptocurrency community members and investors can purchase OPL tokens against ETH contribution. The platform has set a finite number of 10,000,000 OPL tokens, each sold at the value of $0.30 (30 cents) equivalent in ETH. The funds raised by OnPlace will be used to purchase stocks in leading businesses, creating a diversified investment portfolio. More information about the platform’s vision and roadmap is available on the OnPlace whitepaper (https://github.com/OnPlace/ Documents/blob/master/pdf/ Whitepaper.pdf).

About OnPlace

OnPlace Inc. is a unique blockchain based investment platform that allows individuals to invest in private companies and take part in equity crowdfunding campaigns. The company, registered in Delaware, USA reduces the risk associated with investments by conducting through due diligence before offering it to its users.

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Company name: OnPlace Inc.
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Contact Name: Mike Gordon
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