vDice.io announced the release of their Ether betting game this month. This represents the first commercial, on blockchain, betting game for Ethereum.

It’s a tribute to the super successful SatoshiDICE game; Bitcoin’s first big hit. In 2013 the game sold for over 100,000 Bitcoins (almost US$100,000,000 on current rates).

The creators have delivered a beautiful, working product. No doubt they hope to capitalize on that success.

The game features Classic SatoshiDICE style betting and the option to invest in each betting contract. It is well displayed and easy to follow.

The developers will continue to add features.

Completely decentralized, on blockchain, and working through an Oracle, they immediately they plan on adding 0 confirmation betting.

The contracts are 3rd party audited. For the user experience, they will soon be adding Chinese language, an affiliate program, and a few other bells and whistles.

James Groton, the lead designer, said he was very pleased with the result.

“I’m delighted for vDice; they deserve all this success. They’ve delivered a great game. It’s the best thing that could happen to the Ethereum network. I’m sure it will do really well.”

He added: “I know Ethereum. When they approached me I knew they had a great idea, an innovative product and a good team to support it”.

The current success of vDice.io is another endorsement of the Ethereum network.

The standard of Dapps is increasing and there are some great projects being developed. We’ll be hearing more from vDice.io, and all these projects, in the coming months.

The lead developer added that “The feedback we’ve had since release has been tremendous and displays the level of interest in the industry for supporting innovation, new ideas and entrepreneurs.”

It seems vDice.io intends to build on this interest with their continued involvement in Ethereum.

The vDice.io platform is already proving its value to the industry.