The Bangkok Blockathon 2023, hosted by SCB 10X and its partners, welcomed aspiring and experienced builders to create innovative, robust and scalable decentralized applications that can make real-world impact to the next billion users. With the belief that blockchain has the potential to transform industries across Southeast Asia, the Bangkok Blockathon fostered an empowering environment for developers to explore new blockchain use cases utilizing deep tech such as AI and regenerative finance.

The next frontier: AI, regenerative finance and novel use cases for blockchain

The Blockathon showcased a notable increase in teams exploring blockchain use cases beyond DeFi, with a focus on driving real-world impact. Projects ranged from digital identity and gaming to carbon credits, electricity trading, wildlife conservation, event ticketing and even tarot card DApps.

By investing in AI and blockchain, SCB 10X is supporting the development of groundbreaking technologies that promote equitable access to resources and opportunities worldwide, with its partners also investing in and building an ecosystem of products to further their mission. Many teams have already been in contact with these partners to continue the collaboration after the hackathon.

And the winners are…

The first prize winner, 0xfin, developed an AI-powered application that enables users to discover and invest in tokens through multi-token, on-chain swaps. Second place went to Guardian GPT, whose new crypto wallet management solution enhances user security and allows for seamless wallet recovery through account abstraction and ChatGPT. Finally, 838.Earth was awarded third place for creating a regenerative finance platform that focuses on insurance for carbon removal projects, utilizing decentralized identity and Kleros dispute resolution.

Winning projects were determined by several factors, including code quality, deliverability of live demos, market potential, feasibility and presentation. These projects have the potential to bring the next billion users into blockchain or deliver the impact of blockchain out into the real world.

SCB 10X aims to support the development of innovative technologies that promote equitable access to resources and opportunities worldwide, offering venture building resources, incubation, and capital to diverse blockchain talent globally. By leveraging the power of new blockchain technologies, AI and regenerative finance, the Bangkok Blockathon showcased the immense potential of blockchain to solve real-world problems and create a more equitable future for all.